weight control and nutrition

b902c3946f9fa535480cc6084c8da2e0Please note that the yummiberry team supports healthy and nutritious eating habits and ultimately refer any member or visitor of this site to contact their nearest registered dietitian for a proper weight and health analysis, rather than obtaining partial or irrelevant information from books or the internet, as every individual has a unique make-up which only professional dietitians or nutritionists can properly analyse after taking every aspect of your health into consideration.


Please consult your registered doctor or dietitian before omitting ANY food from your diet. Complete omission of certain foods, such as carbohydrates can have dire consequences, such as ketoacidosis, fatty liver, malnutrition like iron-deficiency, etc.

The recipes below are mostly based on the principle of maximum nutrition for the minimum calories, but has to be factored into a healthy eating plan. We do not support quick-fix diet plans, but rather healthy weight maintenance. Ultimately knowledge is power!



baking with limited calories

low calorie desserts

packed skinny salads

power-packed but light meals

skinny comfort food

skinny snacksProtects-the-Heart

soups high in nutrition, low in calories







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