lacto vegetarian     ~     vegetarian diet that dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt, etc. Also referred to as lactarian.

vegan     ~     vegetarian diets that excludes all meat. dairy products and eggs. Also usually excludes any animal byproducts, like gelatine that is made from cattle bones and skin.

ovo-lacto vegetarian     ~     vegetarians diet that includes both eggs and dairy products, but excludes meat.

ovo vegetarian     ~     vegetarian diet that includes eggs from the diet but excludes dairy products and meatbroccoli_apple_salad-650x975.


A well-controlled meatless diet can be healthy, but vegetarians — especially vegans — need to make sure they’re getting enough protein, vitamin B12, calcium, iron, and zinc. We always advise that you consult either your doctor or a registered dietician when you decide to omit any foods from your diet.



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