‘When Juicing meets Boozing…’

It’s about time juicing met boozing. Vegies have fast become a new favourite among bartenders for the earthy notes and nutrients they bring to mixed drinks. Treat yourself to one of the blends below for a twist on your usual cocktail; it’s up to you whether you juice your own produce or go with a bottled version.


30mltequila + 15ml St. Germain + 60ml green juice + a splash oflime juice + a pinch of salt (Green juice: 3 celeryribs + 2 kale leaves + ½ cup apple juice + ¼ fennel bulb + ¼ cucumber+ 3 dashes celery bitters + a pinch of sugar)



60ml gin or vodka + 30ml lemon juice + 15ml agave syrup + 3 or 4 cherry tomatoes, halved and muddled + 3 strawberries, halved and muddled



30ml gin + 15ml Cointreau + 60ml carrot juice + a splash of lemon juice + a pinch of salt (Carrot juice: 4 carrots + 4 parsnips + 2 oranges + 1 knob turmeric + 5cm ginger)



60ml cucumber vodka + 15ml simple syrup + 15ml lime juice + ¼ cup cubed cucumber, muddled + a pinch of cayenne pepper to garnish


30ml bourbon + 15ml amaro + 45ml beetroot juice + a splash of lemon juice + a pinch of salt (Beetroot juice: 1 cup beetroot juice + 4 parsley sprigs + 1 cup apple juice + 2 dashes bitters) *Australian Shape Magazine*

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