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‘It’s the ultimate piece of clothing you can never take off – so make sure it’s looking its best at all times…’




  1. It’s the ultimate piece of clothing you can never take off – so make sure it’s looking its best at all times… We all know that the changing weather can play havoc with our skin and, of course, it can do the same thing to your hair. ‘Switching from hot to cold temperatures (like those created by air conditioning and heaters, as well as the harsh summer heat) can make your hair really brittle,’ says colourist Leanne Galvin. She recommends you use an intensive mask once a week, like John Frieda Full Repair Intensive Treatment Masque, R95, to really infuse your hair with nourishing and healing ingredients.
  2. If you’ve got time, try a salon-style conditioning treatment at home. Apply your mask to damp hair, massage it in for two minutes to stimulate your scalp, then leave it on under a shower cap while you catch up on the latest episode of The Good Wife. Don’t be tempted to leave a mask on overnight though. ‘It can suffocate your hair and weaken it,’ says Leanne.
  3. Now is the time to think about brightening up your colour. It’ll lift tired, winter-worn hair ready for the warmer days ahead. For a subtle, bespoke colour that’s low maintenance, ask for balayage. Your colourist literally paints the colour on freehand, so she can add as much or as little as you like and you won’t get obvious roots. With no re-growth, it’s a lot cheaper as you can eke out time between appointments.
  4. According to colourist Sally Northwood, the best anti-ageing colour tip is to keep your colour looking random. ‘If your hair isn’t perfect, it’ll give you a more youthful look,’ says Sally. ‘Perfectly placed highlights are dated and can age you.’ Sally also recommends a bit of shadow at your roots – it gives more dimension to your hair, again, keeping it youthful. And, if you keep the colour at the front just through your mid lengths and ends, it can slim your face.
  5. Want to be fashion forward? It’s all about having a solid block of colour. Just be aware that if you go super dark or super light, you’ll have to compensate with more make-up, so it might take more time to get ready in the morning.
  6. If you’re after longer locks, or growing out a bad haircut, invest in Fast Shampoo and Conditioner, R480. It targets hair in the initial growth phase and helps it grow as long as possible. But remember, everyone’s hair cycle is unique and the longer that is, the longer you can grow your hair.
  7. Not for the squeamish, trichologist Ricardo Vila Nova recommends mesotherapy for your scalp, which involves having little injections all over your head to stimulate follicles and help hair grow thick and healthy. It’s not cheap, with prices starting from around R1 400, but for anyone who has serious thinning concerns, it might be the answer.
  8. Grow your greys! We’ve all stood in front of the mirror plucking out stray grays, but STOP! They always grow back wiry and more obvious, so if you can bear it, let them grow and they’ll have more weight, lie flat and blend in better.
  9. Supplements really can help the health of your hair. Our stressful lives, lack of sleep and pollution can all add to hair loss, so get into the habit of taking a daily supplement to help boost your hair’s growth cycle and keep it looking strong and shiny. We recommend Nu-Hair Protein Booster, R189,95 for 60 capsules.
  10. What you eat can turn your hair from limp and lank to strong and lustrous in a couple of weeks. The top five foods for healthy hair are: salmon, which is high in the type of fatty acid that makes up 3% of your hair; walnuts, as they’re the only nuts with significant amounts of omega 3 and are rich in biotin, so help prevent hair loss; orange sweet potatoes for their source of the antioxidant beta carotene, which helps maintain a healthy scalp; eggs for their iron, which helps carry oxygen to your hair follicles, and blueberries, which are a food superhero and can help scalp circulation and feed your hair follicles.
  11. Be gentle when you dry your hair – if you rub it too vigorously, you’re in danger of damaging the cuticles, which makes hair look frayed and dull. Try squeezing out any excess moisture, then use a comb (not a brush) to get rid of tangles – it will be more gentle on your hair and won’t pull it. Tie your hair up in a bun, allowing it to partially dry while you’re getting dressed, then when you’re ready, blast it with a dryer until it’s three-quarters dry. If you can, leave the rest to dry naturally before styling, so it won’t get overheated and damaged.
  12. Do the natural thing and give your hair a styling detox at least once a week (maybe over the weekend when you can lounge around in comfy clothes and watch your favourite box set). This will give your hair a chance to breathe and regenerate after six days of heat and styling. It also means that come Monday, your hair will look, and feel, fresh and rejuvenated for the week ahead.
  13. If you have frizzy hair, the key is to apply your anti-frizz serum the moment you step out of the shower. ‘Don’t wait until you’ve rubbed it dry and made a cup of tea,’ says Harry Josh from John Frieda. As soon as your hair hits the air it will start to frizz, so no matter what product you use, if you leave it too long before applying, it won’t work. Popped straight onto wet hair, your serum will seal the hair’s cuticles flat, so they can’t react to the atmosphere and frizz. Then dry your hair as normal and enjoy frizz-free hair all day. *Essentials Magazine SA*




‘Taking a daily health supplement and healthy eating habits will keep hair looking strong and shiny’

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