how to prepare prawns

Shelled prawns:

  • To shell prawns, twist the head off the body.
  • Pull the shell off in segments until you get to the tail. Squeeze and the tail should come off.
  • Take a sharp knife and score down the body of larger prawns to expose a black vein. Take the tip of the knife and remove the vein.
  • Wash before using.

Butterflied prawns:

  • To butterfly a prawn, shell it as before, but leave the tail in place.
  • Remove the vein as before.Take the knife and work deeper into the body of the prawn.
  • Push the meat apart and you are left with a butterfly prawn.
  • Be careful not to slice all the way through when preparing a butterfly prawn.
  • Leaving the tail in place on a butterfly prawn will give you something to hold on to.

Whole prawns:

  • Rinse the prawns carefully under clean running water.
  • With small, sharp and pointy scissors, cut through the outer shell of the prawnshell where the vein is only.
  • Remove the vein with one of the pointy scissor blades.
  • Trim off legs and feelers.
  • Rinse again under cold running water and pat dry with paper towels.

(adjusted from BBC Good Food)







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