Diabetics all over the world unite! No, sorry, only eight can unite for this lovely meal. This is the perfect go-to menu when you have some diabetics at your dinner table, but you can serve all this well-balanced dinner, yet you won’t leave any guests feeling unsatisfied or lacking…

There are some tips for preparing certain elements of the dishes in advance, but due to the many courses it would be better to plan this get-together over a weekend when you have more time to prepare before the guests arrive. The key here is to keep the portions very small. Especially the main courses can be made as is and divided into 8 portions, no need for double recipes. Just make sure you have good company to share all these courses with and you start relatively early. The bisque starter can even be enjoyed as a ‘sundowner’ on the balcony before it gets too cold and the meal turns indoors. Diabetics are usually not big alcohol drinkers (or rather shouldn’t be) so this will be the perfect start.



Prawn and fennel bisque 

Good to enjoy upon or just after arrival as a sundowner instead of alcoholic drinks. It contains white wine and brandy, but the alcohol has been evaporated during the cooking process, so just the taste remains.  It’s quite a rich dish, so serve in your smallest bowls… yet it is low in calories at only 104 calories per serving. The bisque can be made one day in advance, or frozen and kept for longer.




Asparagus ribbons with lemon and goat’s cheese

The asparagus itself is better served immediately after preparation, but the rest of the salad can be made in advance to save time. It is very low in calories, only 47 calories per serving, and will clean the palate for the next course.




Rock Cod with Tomato Basil Sauce

The Rock Cod can be marinated a few hours in advance, but not overnight as the fish will then break up too easily when grilled. One hour in advance is perfect, but work it into your schedule so you won’t forget. The recipe usually serves two, but doubled to serving 4, it would suffice for 8 divided portions. No side dishes are neccessary because of the many courses.




Chargrilled vegetable salad

Low in calories and easy to prepare if you opt for the oven version, but so much more impressive if you can chargrill it beforehand. It usually serves 6, but due to the many courses the same recipe can be divided into 8 portions.



Main Course:

Grilled duck with strawberry and fig sauceduck-breast-web33692_l

The original recipe serves 4 and it is perfect to divide it into 8 portions. The sauce can be made ahead. This dish can be served with stringbeans or a small quantity of creamy cauliflower baby potato and halloumi mash.




Rustic apple tartrustic-apple-tart-ck-x

This recipe is delicious and not too sweet. Perfect served with some vanilla ice cream (lite or diabetic). Brown sugar can be halved or omitted for strict diabetics, or it can be substituted with molasses, but it has to be taken into account that this is not a sweet dessert to begin with.



Tips on Preparation:

  • The prawn shells give a deep seafood flavour to this luxurious soup, so do not omit them from the recipe. You can make and chill the bisque a day ahead or freeze it for 1 month. Thaw ovenight in the fridge. To serve, gently reheat in a pan with the milk and cream before garnishing.
  • Do not make the asparagus ribbons in advance as they can become slimy or bitter. Prepare the rest of the salad and dressing in advance and store in the fridge until assembly just before serving.
  • The Rock Cod can be marinated a few hours in advance in the refrigerator. One hour in advance is perfect, but work it into your schedule so you won’t forget.
  • When incorporated into a multi-coursed meal, it is too labour intensive to grill the chargrilled vegetable salad on a griddle pan. Therefore do it before as part of the preparation or just roast it in the oven with some olive oil. The grill marks does add to the taste and look of the dish however, so it depends on how labour-intensive you want to get. Consider adding vegetables like butternut, zucchini, etc.
  • When shopping for ingredients, opt for the smaller duckbreasts with the milder flavour for the grilled duck breasts. You might even have to order in advance through your local butcher. The sauce can be made a day ahead of time and kept in the refrigerator until needed.
  • The filling of the apple tart can be made in advance and refrigerated until 30 minutes before it is assembled. Dont forget the vanilla ice cream!  *Yummiberry*

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